Lasercut lamp

Once again, this was a case of “the easiest projects are the most popular” : I had seen a few variations of this lamp online, and the lasercut aspect of it was obvious enough that I tried to replicate it.

I started by 3D modeling an oversized light bulb using OnShape (my first time using parametric 3D modeling, which eventually led me to using Fusion 360), taking into account the size of the actual lightbulb I wanted to use.

I sketeched out a profile and then used a revolution operation to create a hollow 3D model

I then used a dedicated app – 123D Make – to slice the 3D model, entering the material width (I used 3mm MDF which made it easier to assemble since MDF tends to have a more consistent width and be more flat than say, plywood).

Before asembling the lamp, I spray painted the edges of the profiles with some copper colored paint, and replaced to of the MDF profiles with transparent PMMA ones.

Spray painting the edge of each profile piece

This project is fairly easy to replicate since it allows you to use existing light sockets to create either a floor lamp or a ceiling one.

Here is the file I used to cut out the lamp out of 3mm material, the pieces should snap fit together but I recommend adding a dab of glue here and there (hot glue should be enough) to secure it.