So you’ve seen my post about the galet that wasn’t pebble shaped and maybe you wondered where the name came from.

After I finished working on Flowerbliss, I thought it’d be nice to have something like that in a smaller form, that you could be able to bring with you. I’m not sure when I started working on this but around the same period, the Pebble was shipping to customers after the successful crowdfunding campaign that we’ve all heard about.
At that time I also learned that I would have to leave my job at Orange by the end of the year (I was not an Orange employee but rather a consultant and that meant that I wasn’t supposed to keep my position there for more that 18 months because the French law would then allow me to force Orange to hire me as their employee for this job).
So when I heard about HAX and their program for hardware startups, with a deadline set in mid-December, I decided I would try to apply with my project. I did not really expect it to work (they were looking for full grown teams trying to mass produce their hardware/idea, I was alone and this was just a side project) but having to publish a video and having a fixed deadline did help me a lot anyways. I was lucky enough to have some of my friends/colleagues play in the video, and had a lot of fun putting it together :