Tetris shelves

So it all started a while ago when I realised I didn’t have much storing space in my room. I had this huge Chinese bookshelf which used a lot of space but didn’t have that many shelves. In my search for furniture, I stumbled upon these tangram shelves

I loved the idea of a modular set of shelves that you could rearrange, but the tangram had some problems from my perspective : once mounted on the wall, I wasn’t sure I’d still be able to change the arrangement that often. Also, you had to buy a few sets for it to look really awesome. I could have focused my attention on combinations that could be achieved without needing to mount anything on the wall, but apart from stacking the modules on each other, there wasn’t much I could do.

And that’s when it hit me : we all know a set of pieces that were actually meant to be stacked in many combinations : the seven pieces from Tetris !

For a brief second I thought I could DIY this project by myself, and then I realised how much of a bad idea that was (if you can’t see what I mean, you clearly don’t know me enough).

I began drawing the pieces on Sketchup and laid them out on the wall of the 3D model of my room that I had made when moving in (because why not ?). I decided to use a cube of 30cm x 30 cm as a base and from there it was easy to model each piece. I then found a service that offered to make all kinds of furniture on demand, and voilĂ  !

I have added a semi circular opening in every piece (indicated by the red arrow) in order to accomodate all the cables and wires and stuff from the TV, the raspberry pi(es), etc

(In case you’re wondering, yes I have moved things a few times since then, sometimes keeping all seven pieces on the same wall, sometimes half of them on a wall and half on the other. I’m not sure if I really feel the need to change the way my room is organised once in a while or if I actually do it because I know I can)

Here are a few pictures of the process and the final result