Shoes and stuff

A few months ago for some reason I felt like doing someting to my shoes. Not all of them of course, but there are so many DIY guides for decorating your shoes, I couldn’t help but want to try them.
The first pair I DIY-ed was a pair of black shoes I didn’t wear that often. What I did was cover the heel with glitter (and lots of Mod Podge to seal everything). With a little help, I did the same thing on the front, this time in the shape of a half star (in the half shape of a star ?). I also added three little star shaped studs to the back (I had a thing with stars. I don’t know)

The other pair that I hacked (I prefer to say hack than DIY, DIY really makes it sound like you actually DID the whole thing) was a pair I specifically bought for that purpose. I just drew on them, first with a Sharpie but quickly moved to a black fine tip Posca marker


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