Making, well, things A few weeks after its opening, l’Usine ( organised the first French edition of Makethings ( Quoting their website, “Make Things is a series of free workshops for people who want to dive into the[…]


So you’ve seen my post about the galet that wasn’t pebble shaped and maybe you wondered where the name came from.  After I finished working on Flowerbliss, I thought it’d be nice to have something like that in[…]


Three days, one app As I was in the process of making the Procrastinator app as my entry for the SFR JTD contest, the jury contacted us with an unexpected request : a few weeks before the[…]


It’s all in the title In a few words, Procrastinator is a webOS app I developed and submitted to the “SFR Jeunes talents développeurs” contest. SFR held this contest a few month before launching the[…]


Pense à prendre une baguette   I assume you’ve seen or read Harry Potter. If so, you might remember the Weasley clock pictured here. Each hand represents a member of the Weasley family, and would[…]

Etsy loves geek

Etsy notifier Eng : In a few words, this was my entry for the “Etsy loves geek” contest : it’s an object for Etsy shop owners that allows them to be notified whenever someone leaves[…]

Shoes and stuff

A few months ago for some reason I felt like doing someting to my shoes. Not all of them of course, but there are so many DIY guides for decorating your shoes, I couldn’t help[…]

Connected christmas lights

Last christmas, I was still not done with my Flowerbliss project and to be honest, it wasn’t in a very good shape.You see, I had bought these RGB pixels from Adafruit (I believe they hadn’t introduced Neopixels[…]